below are some video examples of version 1.0 - videos of version 2.0 are to come shortly

playing with orbits

changing the mass of an orbiting sphere to destabilise a stable circular system.
5 spheres dancing

A system with 5 spheres. The sphere sizes are dynamically changed during the simulation.
random system with energy reduction

video of a random system with an energy reduction to make the sphere clump together.
playing with 3 body system

changing the size and gravitational pull of a 3 body system.
circular system breaking up

high density circular system breaking up over time.
manipulating a high density circular system

50 spheres are orbiting a high density central sphere then central sphere's size is dynamically changed to influence the orbits then the system becomes unstable.
circular system with no central sphere

circular system with no central sphere - system is rotated and the spheres are then dragged out of the plane.
drag and hold

examples of pausing and dragging spheres - then release to resume previous trajectory.
energy change

example of using the energy change interactions on your system.

example of using the flick interaction and rotation.
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